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Hi Jazza! I've put this page together to show you some of my recent work.

I've also given each a bit of context, and why I think they demonstrate that I would be good for the channel.

Compilation of Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Life drawing with the Diamond Valley Art Society is always the highlight of my week. Time constraints and a life model results in art that is infused with an organic flow. It's a wonderful place of sharing, and collaboration with the models and other artists. These life drawings are from my last two sessions, 20 and 40 minute poses.


I think having a YouTube friendly version of life drawing on the channel would be an amazing idea! The artists could take turn posing for each other (clothed of course), showing how accessible life drawing can be, all you need is another person. If we did a tutorial style playlist, you could focus on different fundamentals like negative space, foreshortening, just like a live tutored class.


It would also offer a great option for cosplay and special events, where we could create basic costumes from household items. Then, you could take those sketches as reference for fanart and character designs.

Bateman's Landscape Digital Sketches

14 Hours at Bateman's Bay

This series of paintings covered a period of 14 hours during the 2020 bushfires at Bateman's Bay. My family stood on the beach and watched the ash and fire approach up the coast, until we were plunged into the chaos. The final paintings showed I have a lot to learn when working with oils, but I was pleased with these quick digital sketches I did in preparation.

I enjoyed using colour and scale to show how the fires seem to close in around you, and I think on the channel it could be fun to do a challenge where we draw different environments around a character, and try to change the mood with the lighting and setting.

Julia colour test comparisons

Julia in the Sunlight

This piece was done in oil pastels, based on a photo I took. I started with a charcoal sketch, and then did some digital colour tests, shown above. I then used both #1 and #4 as a starting point for colour choices in the final oil pastel work.

For [INSERT ART CHANNEL], looking at quick colour tests could be a great video - a fun way to do some colour theory tutorials as well!

Shipping concepts


This is the start of a new project in the discovery/concepting stage: a Webtoon with the working title SHIPPING.

A story of a small crew of young sailors on their hodgepodge ship, as they scrap and dive for lost technology. Set on a future world, where sea levels rose 1000m, they sail between the islands on which people now live, and dive to the sunken cities to scavenge for technology. As the title suggests, I aim to have a real focus on the relationships between the crewmembers.

While in very early stages, I've included it here as I think Webtoon creation could make amazing content for the channel. Web comics offer an amazing way for artists to find an audience, with no barrier to entry except for your own ability and ideas.

Working out a way to create a web comic on the channel would be quite special, letting viewers see a comic come together with tutorials, and also enjoy the final result.

Cel Still

Cel Lead Animator

Cel was a stop-motion I completed during my time at Swinburne. My role on the film was lead animator, with over 60% of the frames having been animated myself, including the entirety of the last two environments.

While the channel is slated to focus on 2D, and only a small amount of animation, I think stop-motion could actually be a fun wild-card. All you need is a camera and a surface to be able to create cute found object stop-motion, which can be done in a session. Below is an example I created with my watercolour palette for an assignment.


NOTE: As the film is currently going through festivals, it isn't publicly available online. I have included access instructions at the bottom of my cover letter.

Found Object Animation

Here's an example of found object animation that could make for a fun and approachable stop-motion video. It might be too far from the plan for the channel, but could inspire some interesting collaborations within the team.

Thanks for your time!

I've really enjoyed putting this together for you and I hope you consider me for the new channel! I would love to be a part of such an exciting project.

If you'd like to see more of my work, feel free to look around this site or my Instagram.

Practical Notes:

✓ license and a car


✓ Live in Melbourne

✓ Flexible Hours

✓ Brimming with ideas!

✓ Better handwriting than Jazza (debatable)

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